Counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo

Steelhead Restoration - Reports

National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA)
Guidelines For Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings, September 2001
Our Living Oceans Report, 1999

Unit 12, Pacific Coast Salmon of Our Living Oceans

Steelhead Recovery Plan

Regional Water Quality Control Board
Regional Water Quality Control Board Central Coast Region 3

California Department of Fish & Game
Strategic Plan for Trout Management: A Plan for 2004 and Beyond, November 2003
Steelhead Trout Management Tasks

California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual, 1998

San Luis Obispo County
Morro Bay Watershed Steelhead Restoration Planning Project, February 2003
Morro Bay Watershed Barrier Assessment Report, February 2003
Morro Bay Estuary Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study, July 2003
Chorro Flats Enhancement Project, October 2002
Morro Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, July 2000

Santa Barbara County
Mission Creek Fish Passage Restoration Feasibility Analysis and Conceptual Design, May 2006
City of Carpinteria Creeks Preservation Program , September 2005
     Volume Two
Existing Conditions Study of the Arroyo Burro, Mission, Sycamore, and Laguna Creek Watersheds, August 2005
Mission Creek 2006 Draft Preliminary Restoration Plan, April 2003
Steelhead Assessment and Recovery Opportunities in Southern Santa Barbara County, California, June 2002
HGM Guidebook: Draft Guidebook for Reference-Based Assessment of the Functions of Riverine Waters/Wetlands Ecosystems in the South Coast Region of Santa Barbara County, California, November 2001
Lower Santa Ynez River Fish Management Plan, October 2000
City of Santa Barbara Creek Inventory & Assessment Study, September 2000

Ventura County
Minimum Flow Requirements for Southern Steelhead Passage on the Lower Santa Clara River, CA, July 2006
City of San Buenaventura Santa Clara River Estuary Studies, May, 2006
Santa Clara River Enhancement and Management Plan, May 2005

Assessment of Steelhead Habitat in Ventura River/ Matilija Creek Basin, Qualitative Stream Survey, June 2003
Assessment of Steelhead Habitat in Ventura River/ Matilija Creek Basin, Quantitative Stream Survey, August 2004