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Steelhead Restoration - Additional Resources

There are numerous resources on the World Wide Web specific to fish habitat protection and enhancement. Follow the links below for additional information.

Fish Xing: Software for Fish Passage Design
Pronounced "Fish Crossing", this software is intended to assist engineers, hydrologists, and fish biologists in the evaluation and design of culverts for fish passage.

Stream Net
StreamNet is a cooperative venture of the Pacific Northwest's fish and wildlife agencies and tribes and is administered by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Topics of interest include:


CalFish is a multi-agency cooperative program designed to gather, maintain, and disseminate fish and aquatic habitat data and data standards.

California Water Quality Standards Inventory Database
The Water Quality Standards Inventory is provided by the Information Center for the Environment, a cooperative effort of environmental scientists at the University of California, Davis. The water quality standards inventory database system consists of 11 relational database-tables linked to each other by three key pieces of information: hydrologic subunit numbers, designated beneficial uses, and the name of the water body. Users can browse by water quality regions, Caltrans districts, California counties, water body name, beneficial uses (such as cold freshwater habitat), or do keyword searches.

The Columbia River Salmon Passage model (CRiSP) from the University of Washington
CRiSP predicts downstream migration and survival of individual stocks of wild and hatchery spawned juvenile fish from the tributaries and dams of the Columbia and Snake rivers to the estuary. The model describes in detail fish movement, survival, and the effects of various river operations on these factors. It is also stochastic, incorporating measures of variability and uncertainty into survival predictions.

Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP map) viewer
IMAPS is a multi-branch/regional group within the Department of Fish and Game responsible for the development and maintenance of innovative tools designed for the management and display of geospatial data on the Internet.

Building Local Partnerships Guidebook
One of a series of informative guidebooks published by 'Know Your Watershed', the Building Local Partnerships brochure explains why the key to effective watershed management is through partnerships. Advice is given on developing successful partnerships in your watershed and who should be included. Although the series is written for watershed-based planning areas, the ideas and processes can be used for developing other types of plans (such as wildlife areas) to match the concerns of the partnership. The 'Know Your Watershed' campaign is coordinated by the Conservation Technology Information Center.

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