Counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo


The Tri-County F.I.S.H. Team is a partnership between local government agencies, sponsoring agencies, and non-governmental organizations within San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties to develop a regional approach for salmonid restoration in the tri-county area. The mission, goals, and objectives of the F.I.S.H. Team were established based on the regional coordination needs identified for the tri-county area and modeled after those developed by the two regional organizations in the central and northern part of the state (FishNet 4C and the 5 Northern Counties, respectively).

The Tri-County F.I.S.H. Team is open to all agencies and groups in the tri-county area interested in participating. The F.I.S.H. Team has created an Executive Committee to provide guidance and direction for the group's activities and holds four quarterly meetings to which all participants and the public are invited.

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Date and Lcoation

Application and Implementation of In-Stream Soil Bioengineering Techniques All levels of technical background are welcome to attend our trainings. If you are on staff with a city or the county, water district staff/board, watershed group members, land conservancy staff and board members, stormwater staff, private landowners and general public, please review the description below make plans to attend!

Training Description: Bioengineering is an applied science where natural structures are designed to fulfill different functions, such as erosion control, drainage, and bank stabilization. The combination of structural knowledge and ecology results in a project that benefits biota as well as the safety and economy of the local community. This 2-day workshop will provide participants an overview of watershed processes, such as hydrology, geology, vegetation, and wildlife. There will also be a presentation on treatment types, construction, maintenance, and local examples of soil bioengineering. On the second day, participants will be taken on a tour of sites where they will experience different stages of a project.

December 15-16 Ventura River watershed

December 17-18 Santa Ynez River watershed

Cost: $45 Only 25 spots available in each location.

Time and specific location details to be provided to registrants prior to the workshop.


To work with federal, state, and local agencies and non-governmental groups to secure funding and execute projects in support of salmonid recovery and habitat enhancement, improve information about restoration and recovery activities, and enhance public understanding and support for such actions.

What We're Working On

  1. Ensure the continuation of the TCFT into the future through long term fund planning
  2. Revitalize the identity and operational framework for the TCFT
  3. Promote a regional response by the tri-counties to the NOAA Steelhead Recovery Plan
  4. Ensure supported community education component to fisheries restoration and habitat enhancement.

The 2009/2010 Work Plan outlines the groups objectives and tasks for the year.


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